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TynoWeld is a professional manufacturer which specialized in auto darkening welding helmet and goggles. All of our products get CE certificate, good quality with reasonable price let us earn more loyal customers with long-term cooperation, and keep business going further in PPE field.



  • hfgdyutr

    The difference between 1/1/1/2 and 1/1/1/1 auto-darkening lens

    A lot of helmets say they've got a 1/1/1/2 or 1/1/1/1- lens so let's see what that actually means, and just how much of a difference 1 number can make to your welding helmet visibility. While each brand of helmet will have different technologies, the ratings still repres...

  • gjfjkh

    What safety matters should we pay attention to when welding?

    What safety matters should we pay attention to when welding? Sometimes these neglects will lead to accidents, so we should try our best to make the hazards occur before the bud ~ Due to the workplaces are very different, and electricity, light, heat and open flames are produced in the work, ther...

  • hgfdjhgf

    Difference between ordinary mask and auto darkening welding helmet

    Ordinary welding mask: Ordinary welding mask is a piece of helmet shell with black glass. Usually the black glass is only a regular glass with shade 8, when welding you use the black glass and when grinding some people will replace the balck glass to a clear glass in order to see clearly. The we...