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TynoWeld is a professional manufacturer which specialized in auto darkening welding helmet and goggles. All of our products get CE certificate, good quality with reasonable price let us earn more loyal customers with long-term cooperation, and keep business going further in PPE field.



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    Why Choose Auto-darkening Welding Helmet?

    There are several reasons to choose an auto-darkening mask: Improved safety: The auto-darkening welding helmet has light control technology that automatically adjusts the color and protection level of the lenses when the e...

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    Why welding lenses don’t flash and flash?

    1.Principle of automatic light-changing welding lenses that darken. The darkening principle of automatic light-changing welding lenses utilizes photosensitive elements and liquid crystal layer technology. In the lens, a photosensitive element (e.g. a photodiode or a pho...

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    134TH Canton Fair visitors exceeded expectations

    The 134th Canton Fair was a complete success, demonstrating China's resilience in coping with global economic challenges. Due to the ongoing epidemic, this iconic event was held both online and offline, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign participants. ...

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    Premium Welding helmet with Highest Certification Standards

    In today's fast-paced world, safety remains a major concern in every industry, including the welding industry. Using a reliable welding helmet is essential to protect welders from harmful fumes, sparks, and UV/IR radiation. Because there is a range of certification organ...

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    Tips for choosing the welding helmet ——Make China’s top auto-darkening helmets

    Not all welding helmets are suitable for you, and finding the right one for your needs can be challenging. However, when it comes to quality, durability, and comfort, China's top auto-darkening welding helmets are the epitome of excellence. With features such as adjustab...